Record conversations with the highest quality including face-to-face meetings and telephony

Capture overview

Capture | Recordsure

Our Capture solution records face-to-face conversations between customers and your team members with the highest precision on the market. Our user-friendly search function makes it easy for you or your customers to find and retrieve the right data. The result is a fully-auditable trail of customer interactions, coupled with powerful management information for understanding your front line activities in a way unachievable with traditional call monitoring.

What does it do?

Before you can transcribe or analyse your conversations, you first need to gather the voice data. In simple terms, this is where our Capture tool comes into play. Capture covers the hardware and software required to record and store audio files from your conversations.

This can be used to record multiple channels including telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings such as in-store customer advice, internal stakeholder meetings and sales agents operating in the field. Our Capture tool was developed in-house to ensure the highest quality of audio files after we struggled to find an alternate provider that met our requirements.

The data we process is typically sensitive in nature, and our audio files are held securely in military-grade storage. Intuitive dashboards make access and retrieval of conversation data quick and easy, thus creating huge efficiencies and cost savings in case reviews.

The net result is a robust audit trail with perfect clarity combined with a uniquely effective way to access and retrieve data. This can be beneficial in isolation or serve as the springboard for Recordsure’s other analytics and automation tools.

How is it used?

Record all meetings

Record conversations including telephony and face-to-face

Robust audit trail

Create a comprehensive audit trail of all conversations


Internal records of stakeholder meetings

Analytical foundation

Potential starting point for further Recordsure analytics and automation tools

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