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Recordsure Voice is a sophisticated AI tool that works with ‘voice’ to create value and provide powerful information and data. Voice can be anywhere where conversations are taking place, MS Teams, Zoom, telephone calls or face-to-face meetings.

We turn your customer conversations and documentation into valuable insights which drive performance and culture.

Our cutting-edge technology combines human-level intelligence with machine-powered capability to support compliance, customer care, risk management and sales at scale.

Intelligent speech analytics drives compliance, risk management, insights for quality assurance and better customer outcome.

Supreme speech analytics

Our intelligent speech analytics tools are specifically designed for regulated industries. We’ve combined innovative Recordsure-built AI and state-of-the-art machine learning technologies with the expertise of first class language scientists.

Scalable solutions

Recordsure’s unparalleled voice solution records, reviews and analyses 100% of customer conversations and interactions. Our content analytics tools offer a highly scalable solution to match business requirements and market demand. 

Proven track-record

Backed by a decade of intense research, development and deployment, Recordsure’s solutions deliver unmatchable results and proven commercial benefits.  Recordsure clients include Tier 1 Banks, Private Banking and Wealth Management firms, Insurers and Government Services. 

Recordsure speech analytics capture

Our customer advisors don't have enough time for customer meetings because of the admin burden.

Save 50% admin time per advisor

Speed up processes, increase business efficiencies and spend more time with customers.

Recordsure’s speech analytics solution provides a very accurate transcription of all customer-advisor conversations. This way, all conversations are quickly recorded and filed without spending extra time in post-meeting admin.  

My QA function needs improving to ensure regulatory compliance at all times.

100% capture and QA coverage for all calls

Record, monitor and analyse all customer interactions for QA and compliance. 

With saving over 50% in review calls and deploying a risk-based approach to call monitoring, you can review over 20 times more customer calls with the same staff. 

We use call centre software but the transcripts are often inaccurate.

Up to 95% accuracy

Consistent accuracy across all conversations. 

Recordsure’s speech to text transcription is driven by sophisticated AI technology designed specifically for financial services. 

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Recordsure Speech Analytics Capture Icon

Recordsure Capture

Record, store and review conversations with your customers

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Recordsure Classify

Map out topics within a conversation for quick review

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Recordsure Assure

Highlight cases for follow-up action with advanced anomaly detection

You don't need to listen to a conversation recording from end to end or read a customer file from cover to cover ever again

Recordsure helps regulated businesses to manage their challenges

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