How to trial Recordsure

The typical steps to deploying a successful pilot

A straightforward, streamlined pilot that’s personalised to your business

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We want you to be confident Recordsure is right for you, so we’ve developed our piloting approach to be as straightforward as possible.

Because Recordsure is a standalone system, it doesn’t need complex integration with other pre-existing tools, although it has been designed with the capability to integrate easily with other IT infrastructure you may have. So whatever systems you use already, you’re ready to pilot Recordsure.

We approach every pilot as an individual project, needing to be carefully planned and mapped out to be successful. The starting point is a kick-off meeting with internal stakeholders to ensure we truly understand your objectives and are aligned on what’s needed to make a successful business case.

Working together

Close collaboration throughout the pilot is essential. We’ll schedule regular meetings with stakeholders in your business to discuss progress and make sure everything is running on track. We will also work closely with you to test implementation with existing technical infrastructure and team processes.

It’s often easier to change technological systems than alter people’s behaviour in an organisation. As well as technical support, we can guide you through the best ways to introduce new technologies to the teams that will be using them and ensure the benefits are well understood.

Ultimately, we will help you prove the value and demonstrate the transformational role Recordsure can play in achieving your business objectives. We have undertaken successful pilots at the highest level and can guide you through every stage of the journey.

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We will design a pilot that is aligned to your business objectives, with a clear articulation of the success criteria and associated value delivered.

Mark Hover, Chief Commerical Officer

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There’s a contact form below as well if you want to talk through anything – let us know and we’ll put our heads together.