Unbeatable security

Your sensitive data is safe with our top level security infrastructure

Our security setup

Security and authorisation​

We go to great lengths to make sure we have top security in place to protect your data.

Stringent security measures are your top priority when it comes to your sensitive data. So we’ve made it central to everything we do.

Naturally, we’re ISO27001:2013 certified. But that’s only the start.

We’re versatile. We go out of our way to configure our security measures to your requirements, and to sit within your existing infrastructure.

Our clients rely on us to protect even the most confidential information, which is why we’re trusted by leading banks and national governments.

But our security goes well beyond utilising of one of the most secure data centres in the country.

Our security program is built on the concept of defence in depth, network segmentation, and the principle of least privilege. Each system is deployed on its own isolated network, controlled by network policies. System owners then specifically dictate what traffic is allowed to pass in and out of their application, and how. 

Similarly, access control begins with a status of no access. Accounts are then only granted network routes,  system access, and data access privileges on a proven requirement basis. Traffic is never allowed to flow between different clients networks, or between production and lower tier environments.


Where is data stored?

As an international provider, we adhere to local requirements in line with your needs, and make sure nothing is replicated elsewhere in the world.

Our secure cloud solutions can be hosted locally to clients, for example in the UK, EU or Australia. This way we avoid the risk of any third parties taking advantage of differences in local governance to compromise security.

Most users have moved towards a cloud-based solution, giving you more scope for dynamic workloads, and economies of scale for cyber protection.

Depending on your business requirements we can also deploy in our secure data centre,  The Bunker, a military-grade ex-nuclear missile silo.

Where is data stored?​

Levels of encryption

Levels of encryption​

All data is encrypted using the latest and most secure AES 256-Bit Encryption. Our data is encrypted in transit, which is standard practice. It’s also encrypted at rest, on our databases. So internal admins are prevented from seeing any data they don’t need to access. Plus it helps keep out hackers.

We also offer end-point encryption. When a field agent uses Recordsure on their phone or laptop, the data is encrypted on the device. So even if the device gets lost or stolen, the data isn’t compromised.

Top-class security is at the heart of absolutely everything we do. Without it Recordsure couldn't exist. We take it seriously because we know you do too.

Chris Matthews, CIO / CISO

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