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Our background makes us the experts in handling complexity

Our compliance background

Levels of encryption​

Our origins in compliance and financial services give us unique perspective which underpins our culture and our technology.

Our platform gives organisations from all kinds of regulated industries the opportunity to unlock critical business insights with the confidence that they are improving their compliance. 

The inspiration behind Recordsure came in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis when our Founder Joanne saw an opportunity to change the industry for the better. We share a history with our sister company TCC – the UK’s leading independent compliance consultancy.

While we have diversified over the years and made a name for ourselves transforming customer care, sales, training and risk management, we will always have compliance in our veins.

Built by compliance specialists for compliance specialists

Compliance is a complicated and nuanced field. Anyone who deals with regulation knows that getting it right takes a lot of skill and insight.

Speech and document analytics have always been widely used in sales and call centres. But before Recordsure there was no tool available that could handle the complex requirements of compliance teams.

Rather than getting a generic business tool and trying to ‘shoe-horn’ in compliance capabilities, the Recordsure platform has been designed with compliance in mind from the ground up. The result is a dashboard and interface tailored for compliance teams mapped out by specialists with first-hand experience.

Levels of encryption​

Smart, reliable, proven

AI to classify every record​

In compliance, you need tools you can trust. A well designed interface would be worthless without compliant technology to back it up. Recordsure isn’t just smart, it’s reliable too.

This was perfectly illustrated in a recent case study. Our client, a leading financial services provider, was under audit and tasked Recordsure with speeding up the review of a vast quantity of sales call recordings. 

With customer outcomes ultimately at stake, cutting corners at the cost of quality was simply not an option. Our client was given permission by regulators to use Recordsure on the condition that there was no drop in quality compared to if a human team had reviewed each audio file manually.

The results were impressive: not only was the audit sped up by 89% but the FCA representatives were satisfied that the technology used delivered the same level of accuracy they would have expected from a human team.

Having come from a background in compliance, we’ve made Recordsure the absolute authority in understanding the nuances of financial services. No other product comes close to being able to do what we do.

Joe Norburn, CEO

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