Seamless compatibility

Our API and integration make it easy to connect to just about anything

API and data transfer

API and data transfer ​

Recordsure has been developed to easily integrate into your existing infrastructure and processes.

No two businesses are the same. So our technology has been designed to be versatile, and to support your existing infrastructure rather than forcing you to change processes unnecessarily.

From the beginning, Recordsure was engineered to make it as easy as possible to input and output data. Our API is built on a restful interface to provide ease of access and enable us to connect to pretty much anything.

Common deployments

  • Find records – Use our search capability to pull records based on things like filename, record ID, media type and creation date.

  • Derived data management – Our products provide various types of data that while conceptually different have a strong bond with each record, for example conversation transcripts. These can be read and searched via our API.

  • Search and MI – Fast search capability which pulls rich data from documents and records, for example search for any interview manager within a specific date range.

  • Filter by artefacts of our processing, for example labels.
Common deployments​

Security and authorisation

Security and authorisation​

We provide three modes of authorisation: device, user or refresh token. In all cases verification is needed to identify your application as a client.

Find out more about the security measures of Recordsure on our Security page.

We know there's no one-size-fits-all infrastructure for businesses. So Recordsure has been designed to simply integrate into your existing processes.

Garry Evans, Chief Product Officer

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