All your documents in one simple dashboard

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Easy search, retrieval and document collation

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Spend less time reviewing with a unified navigation and view across each customer case

Single customer view

Single customer view

Bring all of your customer records into a single electronic case file so you never need to trawl through a hard drive or box of files ever again. Review is a powerful tool that allows you to navigate complex case documentation quickly and efficiently.

It’s been specifically designed to make reviewing large volumes of case documentation simple and straightforward and to ensure that navigation, display and search of any record is consistent, no matter what application was used to create each record.

Any record, any format

Virtually any type of electronic record can be ingested into the Recordsure Viewer. Use the intuitive browser interface to ‘drag and drop’, batch upload or integrate with other systems.

Scanned documents and images automatically undergo OCR to ensure that search, copy and paste is as easy as if working with an original Microsoft Office file.

Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings and emails from modern through to historic versions of all major vendor applications are all ingested and presented to the user in a consistent manner.

Any record, any format

Smarter searching

Smarter searching​

Any record can be searched using ‘exact match’ terms as well as ‘any word’ queries, or reviewers can search for certain words near other words.

You can even search using sophisticated Regular Expressions.

The ultimate “Smart Search” capability allows pre-defined queries to be configured and used to perform any number of underlying queries. This means that industry terms with variations and abbreviations can all be instantly sought out with a single click.

Realtime Integration

Synchronise with your CRM, Workflow, BPMS, DPA or Practice Management application – ideal for reviewers with two screens, allowing them to navigate your line of business system on the left, keeping lock-step with each customer’s case files on the right. 

Key information can even be presented within your business workflow tool itself, automatically updating in realtime as the reviewer uncovers evidence that needs propagating into the workflow application.

Realtime Integration​

Nothing else comes close

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Recordsure is designed to process enormous amounts of data. It lets reviewers cover more ground, more quickly and more efficiently

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By automating laborious administrative tasks, Recordsure makes things quicker and more cost-effective, saving you money in the long run

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Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes

Product summary: Review

Bring all your client documents together into a single searchable, readable, organised case file

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Take in almost any electronic file format, no matter how numerous and complex, remove duplicates, and exclude any unwanted files or malware

Smart search

Break down data easily with smart search features and options to integrate directly with other IT systems

Once you've got your documents in one place, Review makes it seamless to mark up, annotate and summarise files. It makes collaboration easier and QA a much quicker and more efficient process.

Mark Hover, Chief Commercial Officer

In the UK, this product is provided in partnership with our sister company TCC, who are compliance and culture specialists. TCC use our technology to bring out its true value by pairing it with their compliance and remediation expertise as part of a fully outsourced managed service.

To learn more about how TCC uses our technology to enhance their remediation and business assurance solutions, please visit their website: