Add notes, bookmarks, tags and counters to records and cases


Record and categorise all key evidence in a case

Evidence screenshot

Add metadata and counters for key evidence in realtime during reviews.

Quickly visualise which parts of a review have already been conducted and which parts are still outstanding.

Link back to key findings so that content can be instantly re-accessed in future reviews.

Sophisticated Annotation and Bookmarking

Risk-based anomaly detection​

Traditionally, reviewers document their findings in a separate system to the original document. This means that when their review is quality assured or perhaps used as proof of compliance to a regulator, a re-review is needed to map the findings to the original content.

Recordsure’s Evidence tool sidesteps this issue by annotating and ‘bookmarking’ everything the reviewer uses in their deliberations. This means the originating content is only a link away.

Reviewers can also create deep, hyperlinked bookmarks directly from the Discover results, so nominating their documentary evidence without even having to open a document.

Fit-for-purpose metadata tagging

Review objectives will naturally vary from client to client. Evidence was designed with versatility in mind so it can be configured to align to specific reviews.

For instance, it can tag by cross-contamination of records in reviews, records that were sent from adviser to client rather than just used internally or records that are only valid once signed by the client / adviser.

Smarter searching​

Realtime business rules

Speed up your review time​

Evidence is configured with the core business rules of the review so as key evidence is found, automated metadata and counters are updated in realtime.

This is across both individual records and instances of advice, letting reviewers clearly see at a glance what has been done and what is still outstanding and transforming cumbersome traditional processes.

Review closure

All too often when a case review or review project is finished, you are left with a set of case outcomes but not the workings to show how the reviewers came to these decisions.

Evidence gives you a trail of every evidentiary finding as electronic data and / or in-document mark-up. This can be exported as PDFs with evidentiary sections highlighted and with an appendix of all bookmarks, labels and metadata.

This contributes to an authoritative evidentiary record of review findings, for easy import and retention in your archival system of choice.

Review closure​

Nothing else comes close

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Recordsure is designed to process enormous amounts of data. It lets reviewers cover more ground, more quickly and more efficiently

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By automating laborious administrative tasks, Recordsure makes things quicker and more cost-effective, saving you money in the long run

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Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes

Product summary: Evidence

Update evidence

Update evidence during reviews with counters and metadata added automatically in realtime

Quick visualisation

Quickly visualise which parts of a review have already been conducted and which parts are still outstanding

Map evidence trail

Leave a trail of evidence with links back to key findings to support outcomes and speed up process if the review itself needs to be reviewed

The ability to easily visualise the parts of the review that are still outstanding and instantly access the evidence used to determine outcomes is a genuine game-changer in this space.

Joe Norburn, CEO

In the UK, this product is provided in partnership with our sister company TCC, who are compliance and culture specialists. TCC use our technology to bring out its true value by pairing it with their compliance and remediation expertise as part of a fully outsourced managed service.

To learn more about how TCC uses our technology to enhance their remediation and business assurance solutions, please visit their website: