Summarise document content across each customer case


Take the legwork out of finding content

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Artificial Intelligence finds the relevant content inside each record to save reviewers from hunting through every document

A.I. ‘summarisation’ searches for all relevant content

A.I. ‘summarisation’ searches for all relevant content​

Even with automated record classification and dating, reviewers have had to traditionally spend a significant proportion of their time inspecting the key documents, hunting for the required evidence, assisted only by basic key-word search tools.

Discover takes the legwork out of hunting for content by inspecting every record, finding and taking ‘screenshots’ of every relevant document section and presenting these to the reviewer in a unified ‘case summary’.

The screenshot findings are selected by our sophisticated content search AI, configured and trained according to the needs of each review.

Thematic and filtered

The case summary is organised by review theme. For example, content from every record that applies to the customer’s “needs and objectives” can be segmented from content that is applicable to the customer’s “attitude to risk”.

This powerful tool means that reviewers are not working through a case document-by-document, but instead are able to work through their review checklist thematically, no matter which documents contain the relevant content for each check.

The case summary can then filter results according to criteria set by the reviewer to reduce the list of screenshots found by timeline. For example, by nominated date ranges, selected classifications, by advice instance, or by any other metadata specified by the client, the Recordsure AI or by the reviewer.

Thematic and filtered​

Continuous improvement

Continuous improvement

As reviewers bookmark key evidence found by Discover or as they mark any findings as inaccurate, these review behaviours are recorded by the system, allowing Recordsure to then upskill the AI models to provide improved findings, based on learnings invisibly provided by reviewers themselves.

The more Discover is used, the smarter it gets.

Nothing else comes close

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Recordsure is designed to process enormous amounts of data. It lets reviewers cover more ground, more quickly and more efficiently

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By automating laborious administrative tasks, Recordsure makes things quicker and more cost-effective, saving you money in the long run

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Recordsure is made up of modules, so you can choose the products you want, tailored to your systems and processes

Product summary: Discover

skip to screenshots

Avoid the need to read a full file by skipping to ‘screenshots’ of the key sections you are looking for

File with thematic checklists

Avoid the need to review files document by document but work through a thematic checklist thematically across multiple files

Elevate key content

Key content is elevated using advanced filters such as date ranges, types of advice or any other form of metadata specified for the review

A tremendous amount of time is wasted in reviews trawling through content to find important pieces of information. Discover transforms this by taking reviewers straight to the key points they are searching for

Joanne Smith, Recordsure Founder

In the UK, this product is provided in partnership with our sister company TCC, who are compliance and culture specialists. TCC use our technology to bring out its true value by pairing it with their compliance and remediation expertise as part of a fully outsourced managed service.

To learn more about how TCC uses our technology to enhance their remediation and business assurance solutions, please visit their website: