Make customer-facing teams more than the sum of their parts with advanced AI driven training tools that highlight best practice, effective messaging and key trend insights across the organisation.

At a glance

  • Share real-life examples of best practice
  • Offer staff opportunity for self-review
  • Near real-time insights
  • Identify trends that are common across the team
  • Automatic anomaly detection
  • Improve customer care and conversion rates efficiently

The challenge

Training the team can often feel ad hoc and uninformed, particularly in larger organisations. All too often, team leaders are so time poor that they are unable to spend the time they want with their staff, with small scale reviews and training refreshers the only option.

It is always harder to find examples of best practice than it is to demonstrate poor practice, which only adds to the challenge of efficiently providing the most effective training to customer facing teams.

The solution

Through intuitive dashboards, Recordsure provides users with a platform to review conversation recordings which can be tailored to all levels, for instance sales reps can self-review their individual performance whilst team leaders can see how things are going across the wider team.

The software is designed to make sharing recordings easy, and advanced AI will look into semantic trends and behavioural analytics to flag what messaging and characteristics are delivering the best customer care. For example, Recordsure can show when the customer is most engaged during a conversation, which can help individual reps hone their skills but can also give team leaders a broader understanding of the overall trends which can be used to tailor messaging.

Recordsure can also help drive efficiencies and more effective risk management by automatically flagging anomalies. For instance, if a rep accidently misses a question during a conversation then this can automatically be highlighted allowing them to react swiftly and prevent complications further down the line. Recordsure is designed to leverage huge efficiencies to reduce the costs of training whilst improving its quality.

Optimise the customer experience

Providing staff with a means of self-reviewing in near real-time is a game changer which has been proven to help improve individual performance. The software is designed to easily integrate with existing CRM and workflow management systems, and can provide completely objective insights into what good or bad practice looks like twinned with actionable support to help team members.

There are only so many hours in the day. Team leaders often wish they had more time to spend one-to-one with their staff, and customer facing staff will often benefit from more support and time with management.

For the first time, firms can gain the insights and support of a one-to-one meeting on a scalable basis to deliver benefits across the whole organisation, thanks to Recordsure.