Supercharge the customer experience by freeing up agents’ time through automation of manual admin tasks and using advanced analytical insights to have better conversations.

At a glance

  • Review 100% of conversations and avoid mystery shopping
  • Quickly see who best and worst performers are
  • Share examples of best practice to help improve customer experience across the board
  • Identify wider trends like cross sell opportunities
  • Give agents the means to self-review
  • Dive into behavioural analytics to understand what messaging is driving the best customer engagement

The challenge

Business development can be a challenge. Agents are under pressure to deliver results whilst also having to deal with the burden of admin and internal processes which can often seem over-engineered, with the strain felt even more by those operating in a regulated environment.

In turn, team leaders have the additional struggle of understanding what is going on within their teams. Although top level insights are widely available, the time to drill down into specifically what messaging strikes the best chord with customers and what makes the top performers cut ahead of their peers is a luxury few can afford.

The solution

Recordsure offers a suite of tools designed to give sales reps the boost they could only dream of. Automating administrative tasks like note taking and CRM updates frees up more time for them to spend on their customers. Through Recordsure’s intuitive dashboards, agents can review their interactions with customers using behavioural analytics to see when their customers were engaged and when their enthusiasm started to waiver.

Meanwhile, team leaders get a wider view of the landscape. Supporting the team has never been easier, with the ability to pick out and share real-life examples of best practice to help everyone on their journey to becoming a star performer. Deeper trend analysis can be trained to understand what else makes the best performers tick, what trends are emerging such as new cross-sell opportunities and to flag issues such as missing customer information or signs of dissatisfaction before they lead to a complaint.

How does it work?

Recordsure is comprised of a suite of AI driven tools which interact with one another to become more than the sum of their parts. Our bespoke technology is designed to mimic the way a human understands language and interactions to create a uniquely powerful and scalable platform which revolutionises the way sales teams operate.

This omni-channel system can gather voice and text based data, convert it into compatible formats and then fuel a host of AI innovations to drive analytics and automation to enable sales people to become more effective than previously possible. The results are transformational in a number of ways, for instance completely removing the requirement for mystery shoppers.

Adopting AI into the sales process

Many of the people we speak to dwell on the challenges of implementing new technology from a technical perspective. Recordsure has been designed with easy implementation in mind and APIs which connect seamlessly with existing IT infrastructure: changing the culture within an organisation is often more of a challenge than changing the technology.

From our experience though, when this is handled correctly it can be a real springboard for an organisation. Fear of the unknown can easily be overcome by good communication about the new innovation. An organisation is only as strong as the people within it, so give your teams the tools they need to be at their most effective.