Use revolutionary AI technology to improve regulatory compliance by automating elements of the review process, creating a robust risk management framework and automatically identifying vulnerable customers.

At a glance

  • Efficiently monitor 100% of professional interactions
  • Empower analysts to work 80% more efficiently
  • Automatically target data based on behavioural analytics and semantic themes
  • Intelligently identify vulnerable customers at scale
  • Built in conjunction with compliance experts from our sister company TCC
  • Unprecedented speed for search and retrieval

The challenge

The regulatory landscape has changed dramatically over the last 10 years, with the pressure to build trust amongst customers stronger than ever. Historically, this has forced firms to throw more bodies at the problem. Phone recordings have needed to be manually reviewed, which is so resource heavy it limits organisations to auditing a small percentage of their overall correspondence in the hope that anything systemic will get picked up.

This approach will always be non-scalable though – the more data you have to process the more difficult and cost-prohibitive the review process will be. Furthermore, combining data from multiple sources is a project in itself, and many interactions such as face-to-face meetings lack any robust audit trail.

The solution

Recordsure was created with compliance expertise drawn from our sister company TCC with the goal of creating a comprehensive audit trail that could include face-to-face recording and use technology to make meeting regulatory requirements scalable.

Up to 90% of an analyst’s time can be spent manually reviewing conversation recordings and related documentation without knowing if an interaction is relevant or not until you’ve finished going through the files. Recordsure automates much of this administrative burden organising and analysing data so that auditors work 80% more efficiently and spend more time on areas where their high skillset is needed.

This can be used to supercharge past business reviews when there is a mountain of data which needs to be analysed or it can be used day-to-day to monitor 100% of all interactions and automatically flag potential risks, for instance a disclosure which has been discussed for less time than is typical or a piece of advice which has been offered before the necessary research has been carried out.


Many compliance decisions are subjective and dependent on human judgement. Rather than replacing the decision maker with AI, Recordsure technology is designed to provide them with the tools and intelligence they need to make the best decisions. The analytical software can spot semantic themes with accuracy levels comparable to a human twinned with insights which would otherwise be impossible.

Reviewing individual cases has traditionally been so time consuming it can only be done for a small percentage of cases. For the first time, it can be done on an industrial scale across the breadth of an organisation whilst showing extraordinary insights and transforming internal processes.