Harness powerful AI technology to gain ground-breaking business intelligence across 100% of your customer interactions whilst leveraging exponential efficiencies through automation.

At a glance

  • Drive operational efficiencies
  • Review 100% of professional interactions
  • Integrate phone, face-to-face, video and text based content in digital and hard formats
  • Automate aspects of review process
  • Improve risk management
  • Revolutionary analytical insights

A common challenge

Every successful business model relies on harnessing efficiencies to help deliver the maximum returns on investment. This can take any number of forms, for instance automating manual tasks, stripping back middle office touch points in internal process and taking away the heavy lifting of constant validation.

It doesn’t matter whether the goal is regulatory compliance or optimising customer engagement, organisations that attempt to monitor interactions like customer calls often struggle with the sheer volume of data which needs to be analysed. The typical response is to throw more bodies at the problem, sending costs skyrocketing and leaving firms reliant on small scale random sampling to identify any systemic issues.

The solution

Recordsure is a bespoke AI powered analytics and automation platform used to drive efficiencies and provide uniquely powerful MI across all your professional interactions be they telephone conversations, face-to-face meetings, video or written content such as email, printed documents or even hand-written notes.

The Recordsure platform is formed of a range of individual tools which are used to gather data, automatically organise it and dive deep into the semantic themes and behavioural analytics to provide unprecedented business intelligence.

Advanced machine learning technology

Whilst many complex sectors will require a human to make judgement calls during the review process, up to 90% of their time can be spent organising data and reviewing data which subsequently turns out to be irrelevant. Recordsure technology allows the automation of this process by segmenting interactions by factors such as semantic theme, behavioural traits and anomalous conversation patterns which could indicate potential risks.

The result is a system which can drive efficiencies of 80% amongst data analysts and transform businesses by allowing 100% of professional interactions to be monitored. Workflow processes and risk management can be automated leading to huge improvements, reduced costs and making end-to-end delivery significantly quicker.


Recordsure has been built with compatibility in mind. Not only is the system designed to integrate seamlessly with other existing infrastructure but we help support and guide IT teams and decision makers throughout procurement and implementation.

Traditionally when it comes to MI, business leaders have either a microscopic view that is granular in nature or can see the whole landscape whilst sacrificing important detail. For the first time, Recordsure allows unprecedented level of detail but on an industrial scale, whilst delivering efficiencies which are simply transformational.