Using Recordsure

Whether you're an adviser or a customer, here's why it's good news if you're using Recordsure.

Recordsure at a glance

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You might have heard about Recordsure because your company has partnered with us and you’ll be using our services. Or maybe you’re a customer of a business that is using Recordsure.

Either way we’re happy you’re here, and even happier that you’ll be experiencing all the great things Recordsure can do.

Lots of companies already record customer phone calls, and letters form part of a record for most businesses. We just bring face-to-face meetings into the frame too, and make it easier to process the information afterwards with the ultimate goal of improving the customer experience.

What Recordsure means for customers

If you’re a customer of a business or organisation that’s using Recordsure that’s great news for you.

First and foremost it means that they take compliance and customer care very seriously. Part of what we do gives organisations the chance to make sure they’re taking care of customers in the way they’re supposed to.

In the unlikely event that you or another customer experiences any issues with the service you receive, Recordsure allows companies to spot problems early and fix them before they grow.

It also means that the organisation is dedicated to being accountable and transparent. Recordings are made to make sure things are happening as they should, and companies that are dedicated to this prove they have nothing to hide.  

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What Recordsure means for advisers

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You have a lot of pressures on you to make sure your customers are being looked after. You have to record all important details accurately while making sure you’re still giving excellent customer service.

Recordsure frees you from these pressures. It also provides a verbatim record of the great work that you’re doing if you’re ever asked to justify the advice you gave or the action you took. It also cuts out most the admin chores after a meeting, freeing up more time that you can spend on your customers.

You can go back over your own conversations for a valuable self-review tool. See what went well, improve your customer experience and evidence your high quality work in appraisals and meetings.

Whether you're an adviser or a customer, it's good news for you. It means the organisation is taking customer service, support and transparency seriously.

Joanne Smith, Recordsure Founder